09-28-2006: Scissor Sisters Concert


I was at the Scissor Sisters concert last night waiting in line to get a drink (the wait was up to 30 minutes for a drink, it sucked) when Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell come cutting through and scampering off towards the backstage area. It appeared they were trying to go back stage, they were there for a good ten minutes then came back across the same way (the line had yet to move). They were rushing across and kinda looking down trying to shield their identity but no one really seemed to pay much attention to them, or care.

Whilst milling about this sorry excuse for a concert venue looking for my faggle, I spotted Rebecca Romijn No longer Stamos weaving through the crowd with the luckiest hetero on the planet, Jerry O'Connell. Rebecca Romijn looked amazing--tall, blonde and prettier than you would have imagined. Jerry O'Connell looked like a typical frat boy with what could best be described as a mullet. Dude needs to get his hair did. The gays around her in the drink line were giddy and all enamored with her fabulousness, obviously more in tune with the sultry looks of Rebecca Romijn than Kangaroo Jack's hunkiness. Those gays...so fickle.

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