Sightings 2011

2011-11-21: Seminar Broadway Opening (Gotham Hall, NYC) [Pictures]

2011-11-14: CFDA Awards (Skylight Soho, NYC) [Pictures]

2011-11-11: Renewing Wedding Vows {Article] [Pictures]

2011-11-04: Fashion Shoot (L.A.) [Pictures]

2011-10-27: Taping of Extra (L.A.) [Pictures]

2011-10-21: Disney (Anaheim, CA) [Pictures]

2011-10-02: Babyshower Lindsay Price (Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

2011-09-26: Barney's Hung On U Launch (Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

2011-09-23: Woodland Hills [Pictures]

2011-09-10: Emmy Awards (Nokia Theater, L.A.) [Pictures]

2011-09-07: Woodland Hills [Pictures]

2011-09-04: Calabasas [Pictures]

2011-08-23: Ana Ortiz Baby Shower (Cantoni Suite, West Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

2011-08-20: Hollywood [Pictures]

2011-08-15: Woodland Hills [Pictures]

2011-08: Rebecca Romijn's family playing cards [Article] [Pictures]

2011-07-03: Rebecca and her Children [Pictures]

2011-06-27: Marriage of America Ferrera (NYC)

2011-06-25: Vegas Magazine Presentation (The Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV) [Pictures]

2011-06-09: Playstation Preview Suite (E3, L.A.) [Pictures]

2011-05-24: Los Angeles [Pictures]

2011-05-20: Los Angeles Airport [Pictures]

2011-05-17: Wella Professionals Flagship Salon (Pepino 57, NYC) [Pictures]

2011-05-08: Malibu [Pictures]

2011-04-14: Rebecca Romijn [Pictures]

2011-04-13: LAX [Pictures]

2011-04-12: Shine On (Radio City Music Hall, NYC) [Pictures]

2011-04-06: Just Fabulous (West Hollywood, CA) [Pictures]

2011-03-12: Indoor Playground (Sherman Oaks, CA) [Pictures]

2011-03-07: King's Fish House (Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

2011-02-18: Global Action Forum and Awards Gala (Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

2011-02-15: Yoga Class Los Angeles [Pictures]

2011-02-15: Beverly Hills [Pictures]

2011-02-11: Real Housewives (Upright Citizens Theater, L.A.)

2011-01-27: Calabasas [Pictures]

2011-01-24: Golden Spoon (Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

2011-01-18: Cycling with Jerry O'Connell (Calabasas, CA) [Pictures]

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