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Rebecca Romijn, the leggy model who plays a shape-shifting chameleon named Mystique in the forthcoming sci-fi flick "X-Men," had to sit through eight hours of makeup while her body was covered with reptilian scales and spray-painted bright blue. "The paint was really sticky, a horrible feeling, and the fumes were very bad. So we were lighting candles every day to make it smell better, "Romijn recalls. "At one point, I was looking everywhere for the matches. Then the costume women told me they were stuck to my butt! Everyone was laughing so hard."

Original article: New York Daily News

It takes a lot of hard work to turn a supermodel into a hideous blue creature with a bad attitude. Rebecca Romijn, who plays the villainous Mystique in the hit film X-Men, says, "It was over eight hours of makeup a day. It was 120 prosthetics. And the rest was painted blue." Only then could Becky go to work on the set of director Bryan Singer's version of the popular and enduring Marvel comic book. "I'd work for 10 to 12 hours," she says. "And need two hours to take the costume' off. I had blue pores for months. My love affair with blue is over." The up side, says Rebecca: The painful costuming got her in the proper mindset to play an evil shape-shifting metamorph.

Original article: Detroit News

There are those who think Rebecca Romijn looked entirely too naked in the movie X-Men, even though she was quite thoroughly covered in expensive body makeup. "I felt very covered up actually," the supermodel tells People. "I didn't feel naked, even though I looked naked. It's just how Mystique (the name of her character) prefers to be. In terms of her morphing capabilities, clothes would get in the way. So it's a convenience thing." Yet she hastens to add that it shouldn't be a trick-or-treating thing. "I'm actually trying to convince mothers not to let their daughters go out as Mystique this Halloween," she says.

>Original article: Detroit News

Sitting through the eight hours it took to spray paint and outfit Rebecca's her body was enough to put the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl in an evil frame of mind. "Being a model helped," Rebecca says, "because you're used to having people hover over you. You just turn off your brain and go with the flow. Models are good at that sort of mindless state. John wasn't too happy with the costume. He said, 'Oh my God, you're naked.' I think he's still in shock."

Original article: E! Online

Rebecca Romijn demanded "X-Men" movie moguls pay her more per word than any other cast member because the former model had so few lines. Romijn, who plays comic legend "Mystique" in her movie debut, says she made the demand in a bid to be taken seriously. She says, "I don't have a lot to say but I get paid more per word than anyone else. I made sure of that because the part has so few lines. I am aware of the stigma of 'model-turned-actress' and I was wearing little more than a glorified bikini. I just hope people take me seriously as an actress."

Original article: Entertaindom

On August 3, 2000, the following question is asked in "Tea with Ted" on E! Online

Question: What's going on with Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos? Is he jealous of her new film career? She sure doesn't look happy when the camera catches them off-guard.

Answer: No, she doesn't darling, does she? I've been noticing that, too. I'm guessing she was expecting instant fame after X-Men--which wasn't exactly logical. Quite frankly, I like the gal very much in person, but onscreen she's slightly grating. And I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way.

Original article: E!

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