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Entertainment Tonight: Your character has the worst and the best costume!
Rebecca Romijn: I had the best costume, but the worst process of putting it on!

ET: We saw a picture of you when they were applying your costume, and it looked like they had you on a hospital bed!
Rebecca: Yes, it was, actually! There were four women who did my makeup everyday, and we, actually, laughed a lot when we put the costume on. We had a lot of fun! It would take eight hours to put on. Then I'd work for 10 to 12 hours, and then it took two hours to take it off! I'd be 24 hours in the suit, and then I'd have 24 hours out of the suit.

ET: How many days did you have to put on that costume?
Rebecca: I had to put the costume on 23 times!

ET: Do you remember what it was like the very first day?
Rebecca: The very first day was actually one of the night shoots in a forest clearing in Toronto. It was October, and the temperature was in the low 30s. They had to keep me warm between takes or I would have gone into hypothermia. They made me this huge coat out of a comforter, and they put hair dryers in the sleeves to keep me warm. IAN McKELLEN would hug me between takes, but I couldn't get too warm, or the prosthetics would start slipping and sliding and falling off. So, it was all about finding that happy medium.

ET: All the men probably want to know, are you completely naked under all that paint and prosthetics?
Rebecca: (Laughs) Well, three quarters of my body is covered in strategically placed silicone prosthetics and then the rest is painted. I did ask them to make my breast pieces thicker, so that you couldn't see when I got cold, and to add a little extra support for the fight scenes! The costume is meant to create the illusion that I'm nude.

ET: So you're basically nude!
Rebecca: (Laughs) Well, that's the effect, but technically I'm not!

ET: Did you have any bad reactions to the costume?
Rebecca: Yes, actually I did! I had a skin reaction under my back piece. I broke out from sweating for hours! I think a number of us had some minor skin reactions! There is an urban legend that if you cover every last inch of your skin in paint you die. So we actually talked about that in the beginning. Should we leave part of my skin bare so I could breathe? (Laughs) My skin could breathe through the paint, but under the silicone I got a little claustrophobic.

ET: Would you do 'X-Men II?'
Rebecca: Yes! Thumbs up!

ET: You have the most dramatic, the most aggressive and the most violent fight scenes. I know you have stunt doubles, but not always!
Rebecca: I actually got to throw a lot of my own kicks and punches, which was really cool! However, my stunt double, who is a gymnast, did all of the flips. She made me look so good! (Laughs) It's like having a super hero version of yourself! I want her with me all the time!

ET: The kicks you were doing look so good! Does that come naturally?
Rebecca: I had to work with the stunt coordinator. It's like choreographing a dance.

ET: I was very impressed with how limber you were to begin with! Your ankle was above your head during some of those kicks!
Rebecca: (Laughs) Do you want me to show you?

ET:Yes! For now are you taking some time off, or going on vacation?
Rebecca: It's actually been a couple weeks since we've finished the movie, so I just got back from a vacation to Honduras. It was amazing, I got to swim with dolphins!

ET: So you have a new house?
Rebecca: Yes, we're starting to build a new house.

ET: How long will it take?
Rebecca: Probably a year - and - a - half.

ET: How many bedrooms?
Rebecca: Four.

ET: So does that mean that you're thinking about starting a family?
Rebecca: (Laughs) Well, not yet! There's nothing cooking yet!

ET: So when the house is finished, then maybe kids?
Rebecca: (Laughs) Right!

ET: When do you start 'Butterflies Are Free?'
Rebecca: My husband and I are developing this movie - for - television that GOLDIE HAWN starred in the '60s. It's a really fun, romantic comedy, and it's in early development right now.

ET: Does it make you nervous to step in Goldie's shoes?
Rebecca: Absolutely! She is really my hero! I love her combination of sexiness and her sense of humor. It's rare. I admire her so much! I actually got to meet her a couple of weeks ago, and I told her that I was going to do this. She threw her arms around me and said, "I'm so proud of you. Good luck!"

ET: So, are you going to give up modeling?
Rebecca: Not entirely. It's nice to be doing all of this different stuff, to wake up every day and have something new to do! I really enjoy working on my acting. I'm reading scripts, going to auditions, going to class, and challenging myself to learn this incredible craft. It's really fun right now!

ET: Does JOHN (STAMOS) have to give you tips?
Rebecca: Well, I ask him for help every once in a while, and he's very helpful!

ET: This movie really blew meaway! It was the right mix of everything.
Rebecca: Yes. It is a very incredible cast!

ET: And it looks like you guys had a really good time!
Rebecca: We had a great time together and BRYAN SINGER is brilliant! He created an amazing movie! It has such a good message!

ET: I think that people who are not fans of the comic books may not know that it has such a heavy message.
Rebecca: Yes, I think that is why it has maintained its popularity for so long. It is based on such a deep message, tolerance, which is extremely relevant today!

Original article: ET Online

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