Rebecca Romijn's family playing cards


With two Hollywood parents family time all together must be moments few and far between. So spending a whole day together in the park must have been heaven for Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell and their gorgeous twin girls. The family found a nice grassy knoll to sit down on and laid out a blanket to sit down on.

And while the acting couple can no doubt afford more high tech entertainment the family enjoyed a number of rounds of the card game Uno together.

X Men star Rebecca, 38, was dressed casually in a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans while her husband opted for a pair of cream chinos, a checked shirt and a navy cap. Their adorable little girls, Dolly and Charlie, three, were dressed in jeans and tops for the family outing. And the group certainly seemed to be absorbed in the game which raised more than a few smiles from Rebecca and Jerry.

Rebecca, who found fame as a model before turning her hand to acting hasn’t let being a mother slow her down. Earlier this year she graced the cover of Vegas magazine and opened up about being a parent to her twin girls. She said: ‘'The crazy thing about the terrible twos is they trick you, because when the girls are being adorable, they lure you right in and they get you.'

'Working all day on a TV set is so much more relaxing than being home and being Mommy. 'I started getting jealous of Jerry going off and doing The Defenders every day,' she added wryly.

Earlier this year Jerry reunited with the cast of Stand By Me 25 years after filming the iconic movie. The film, which also co-starred Corey Feldman and Richard Dreyfuss, was Jerry's breakout role.

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