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Take it from us, Mystique is going to wreak all kinds of havoc in the X-MEN movie. Without giving anything away, Mystique -- played by supermodel Rebecca Romijn -- will be doing lots of morphing, and her character's changes should provide a lot of the film's surprises.

In fact, Mystique is already getting a buzz as the summer movies' coolest villain. Romijn has appeared on several magazine covers this summer in anticipation of X-MEN.

"She's a bad girl through and through," Romijn says of Mystique. "She's evil to the core, I think. Mystique is the poser in the movie -- she morphs into different characters."

"I love the idea of playing a bad ass. A glorious smurf! An evil one."

With the blue, scaly skin, Mystique is also the most outrageous looking of all the mutants in X-MEN.

"I found, if anything, it transformed her," says X-MEN executive producer Tom DeSanto. "To me, Mystique is the ultimate femme fatale. She's sort of this very film-noirish character, a very beautiful and dangerous woman."

"I know the original Mystique wears a white flowing gown, but it would be hard to morph into another character if she's wearing clothes," Romijn says. "Sex sells! Blue boobs sell!"

For Romijn, who went through the makeup process some twenty-five times, the hardest part was the paint. "They'd cover me in prosthetics and then they would brush me, which was horrible because I was inhaling paint fumes," she says.

Mystique's morphing involves CGI effects, some of which have been on display in the X-MEN trailers. "I had to match other actors' poses and positions, which was hard, actually," Romijn says.

"I had to match people's staggers and movements."

As part of the Brotherhood, Mystique answers to Magneto, played by Ian McKellen. Romijn says she loved working with the veteran English actor.

"He's a doll," she says. "He was great to work with and very supportive on cold, cold nights on location."

X-MEN is the next step in the acting career for Romijn, best known as a supermodel for the likes of Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret. She has had several appearances on NBC's Just Shoot Me and was in last summer's Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

"I had to audition for this," Romijn says of X-MEN. "I don't have much dialogue in this. I'm silent, but deadly."

And it doesn't bother her to be a mutant?

"No, because I think mutant in X-MEN has negative and positive terms," she says. "There are good mutants and bad mutants -- just like supermodels."

Original article: Marvel

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