Maxim Interview


Maxim: Our villain character, Mystique, is shapely and a shapechanger. If you possessed her superpower in real life. who would you morph into?
Rebecca: How about Pamela Anderson so I could have sex with Tommy Lee? [Laughs] No I'm kidding. Although that's probably your fantasy of me. Actually I'd morph into either Ben or Jerry so I could walk into any Ben & Jerry's store and get free ice cream anytime I wanted.

Maxim: Chunky Monkey binge aside, what's the first thing you would do after you morphed into a guy?
Rebecca: Probably pee. That's the only thing I'm really jealous of with guys - that they can pee without the hassle.

Maxim: Is there another superpower you'd rather have?
Rebecca: I'd like to have the power that as soon as I'm done having sex with my lover, I could transform him into a pair of Prada boots.

Maxim: Wow...a foot fetishist's wildest fantasy. What kind of superhero would turn you on?
Rebecca: Super Shopping Man. He'd be the superhero who wakes up every morning and begs me to go shopping with him. And his sidekick could be Credit Card Boy.

Maxim: Comic-book characters are known for their revealing costumes. But yours appears to be little more than blue paint.
Rebecca: It looks like I'm completely naked, but actually about 60 percent of my body is covered in blue scaly prostheses. They did plaster casts of my entire body so they would conform to my shape. Some parts where thicker than others.

Maxim: Like where?
Rebecca: My breasts. They made those a little thicker.

Maxim: To get that superhero look?
Rebecca: And for a little super support. [Laughs]

Maxim: How did that whole process take?
Rebecca: It was about seven hours every day to put it all on and take it back off. And the blue paint they sprayed me down with got everywhere. A few days ago I went to a spa, and all these Korean ladies were scrubbing like crazy to get the blue off me, and finally one of them screams at me, "You very dirty girl! Dirty girl! You come here more often!"

Maxim: Do you think Mystique is sexy?
Rebecca: She's a naked blue lady - of course she's sexy. She's beautiful and graceful, and yet she's dark and evil at the same time. I practiced to make her movements look very reptilian. Mystique is the one lurking around in the shadows all the time, and I think that makes her alluring.

Maxim: Your character works for the main super-villain, Magneto. Is there something going on there?
Rebecca: As Mystique I'm totally drawn to Magneto because he's a powerful, evil man and power turns me on big time. So just being with him and spreading mayhem throughout the world would make for a really perfect evening. Or we could just catch the farewell performance of Cats.

Original article: Maxim

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