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Question: Mystique is a bad girl.
Rebecca: Yeah, I kick butt in the movie. It was really fun. I'm a mean chick. Mystique is quiet and dark and stays back in the shadows and doesn't really like to be seen too much.

Question: You're a relatively inexperienced actor; was playing Mystique tough?
Rebecca: She doesn't have a lot of dialogue. But then again, it's an action flick, and there isn't a lot of dialogue in the whole film. Playing her was more a test of my patience. It was a drag to sit through eight hours of makeup and then be expected to act and be evil when I was ready to pull my hair out.

Question: Are you really nude?
Rebecca: The effect is that I'm nude but covered in navy-blue scales.

Question: How uncomfortable was it to be painted all over and to wear those scales?
Rebecca: Extremely comfortable, actually. It certainly wasn't binding! It was kind of like being naked. [Laughs] But we had some shoots outdoors in Toronto, where it was really cold. We worked all through the night in a forest clearing. They kept me warm between takes with a huge coat they made out of a down comforter. They wrapped me up in it and stuck hairdryers up the sleeves.

Question: What did you usually wear when you were off-camera?
Rebecca: On the set, they had me wrapped up in robes. As soon as we'd start a take, they'd drop the robes. The costume was really fragile and very, very high-maintenance. If anything touched it, the edges would start to peel away. So in the special effects trailer, with just the girls, I wouldn't wear anything.

Question: Any funny anecdotes from the X-Men set?
Rebecca: When they'd spray me down for my costume, the paint was really sticky, which was a horrible feeling. And the fumes were so bad in the special effects trailer that we were lighting candles every day to get rid of them to make it smell better. Once, I was looking for the matches and couldn't find them anywhere. The three women who would put my costume on me started laughing so hard: The book of matches was stuck to my butt! I'd sat on them.

Question: Did you read the comic book as a kid?
Rebecca: I was vaguely familiar with them. Once we started the movie, underground X-Men fanatics came out of the woodwork everywhere you turned. Like, I've got all these friends that I never knew were completely obsessed with X-Men who now grill me for information and bring me comic books.

Question: If you could have a real-life superpower, what would it be?
Rebecca: A hand that's a credit card with no limit. Shop till I drop!

Question: And what if you could change into a whole different shape?
Rebecca: I'd probably morph into somebody in another era, like a flapper in the '20s. I'd want to travel through time.

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