Rebecca Romijn gets wet


Actress Rebecca Romijn, 40, plays a private eye on TNT's King & Maxwell, and chatted this week with PEOPLE about "one last thing"

Last sport I played
My character is a former Olympic rower, and I used to row, so I was like, "I'll show them how it's done." At my first training session, the boat was only about a foot wide and very tippy. I was in the lake in about two minutes.

Last great discovery
Zulily, a kids' sale website. They had a big sale on inflatable pool toys and the kids [twin daughters Charlie and Dolly, 4] were so excited. I just had my first weekend at home in two months, and I blew up inflatables the entire time.

Last reality TV I watched
House Hunters International. I love when people move to a foreign place, especially one I've never been to, on a budget. It's really interesting.

Last time I cursed
I curse all the time. Of course we try to watch what we say at home, but as parents, when you're rushing to find your keys, sometimes words slip out. We don't have a swear jar. They would clean up if we did!

Rebecca Romijn stars in "King and Maxwell"

Rebecca Romijn is getting into the crime business. The X-Men actress has been tapped to star in TNT's King and Maxwell drama pilot from NCIS: Los Angeles boss Shane Brennan, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The hourlong drama revolves around crime novelist David Baldacci's characters Sean King and Michelle Maxwell and is based on his best-selling novels. Sean and Michelle are ex-secret service agents who have unique skill sets that give them an upper hand on suspects and law enforcement.

Romijn will play Michelle, a former secret service agent who takes on politically sensitive cases in Washington, D.C., who is described as a formidable investigator with deep Beltway connections who is determined to prove herself after being forced to resign from the secret service.

The pilot hails from CBS Television Studios and Shane Brennan Productions, with Brennan on board to executive produce alongside Karen Spiegel (Absolute Power) and Grant Anderson (Third Watch). Baldacci will consult.

For Romijn, the casting marks her latest small-screen endeavor following Adult Swim's NTSF:SD:SVU, which was recently picked up for a third season. Her credits also include Eastwick, Ugly Betty and Pepper Dennis. She's repped by UTA, 3 Arts and Edelstein Laird.

Original article: The Hollywood Reporter

"X-Men" star Rebecca Romijn and "The Closer" vet John Tenney will star in a new TNT private-eye series based on author David Baldacci's Sean King and Michelle Maxwell characters, the network said Tuesday.

The as-yet-untitled series, which has been given a 10-episode order, will revolve around a pair of unorthodox private detectives and former Secret Service agents who use their unique skills to solve crimes.

Maxwell (Romijn) is a formidable investigator with athletic prowess and Beltway connections who's determined to prove herself after being forced to resign from the Secret Service. King (played by Tenney), meanwhile, is a recovering alcoholic who was bounced from the Service after a candidate he was protecting was assassinated. Now a lawyer, he uses his legal insight to solve cases.

Michael O'Keefe and Chris Butler also star in the series, which is being produced by CBS Television Studios for summer 2013 premiere.

Shane Brennan ("NCIS") wrote the pilot, with "Third Watch" alum Grant Anderson executive-producing along with Brennan.

Baldacci will serve as a consultant on the series.

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