Birthday Party of Rebecca Romijn's Twins


Having a birthday that falls between Christmas and New Year’s can be tough. But Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell are determined to properly celebrate their twin girls’ birthday on Dec. 28 — now that they’re turning 5.

“I think it’s time they finally get a birthday party for once,” the actress and model, 40, told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the premiere of the movie Ass Backwards in Los Angeles.

Up to now, Dolly and Charlie haven’t really wanted to celebrate their birthday, but that’s changing now that they have more friends.

“We can’t even get them to open presents on their birthday. They’re like, ‘We’re still sick of presents from Christmas,’” says Romijn.

“But their birthday gets lost. So, they’re like, ‘Do we have a birthday?’ Because they go to all these birthday parties for everybody else, so I think we owe them a birthday party.”

The venue? Perhaps a bowling alley — or more likely, says O’Connell, 39, a trampoline house, “where they can jump up and down, lose their minds, get tired and hopefully go to sleep early.”

On the topic of Halloween, the couple said the kids still haven’t decided what they want to be — but O’Connell and Romijn have their own costumes picked out.

“We’re going as their parents,” jokes the actor. “We’re taking them trick or treating. But we’re like slutty parents. We’re dirty parents.”

Another effect of the kids getting older? Mom and Dad get to enjoy more date nights — or rather, date days!

“We do a lot of daytime dates while they’re at school,” says Romijn. “We just discovered one of those luxury movie theaters where you can order meals!”

Adds O’Connell: “School is key. School is the best babysitter of all.”

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