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TNT's Librarian franchise becomes a weekly series on Sunday, December 7, as Rebecca Romijn takes the lead as a new character, Eve Baird, in a series called The Librarians.

The series will continue to have appearances by Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen, and it also stars Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim, John Larroquette, and Matt Frewer, among others.

Even if you're not familiar with the franchise, it's easy to jump on for the new series, according to Romijn.

"If you have not seen the movies, you're not going to be lost starting with our series. I feel like we've done enough exposition and enough back-story where people will know exactly what's happening from the very beginning of our hour series," Romijn promises, and of course, we can look forward to seeing how her character, Eve, gets along with Wyle's Carsen character. "I don't think Eve Baird takes him seriously," she says.

"I think Eve Baird who's a counter terrorism expert and this very buttoned up rigid, you know, comes from this very buttoned up rigid military background. Everything for Eve Baird is very black and white, and Flynn Carson is every color in between black and white. She doesn't understand that. But once he's convinced her and shows her that magic exists in the world, I think she becomes very intrigued with him," she says.

"Because she's the skeptic of the group, she sort of gets to be the voice of the audience," Romijn continues. "That's really fun to play. She's sort of the straight man. And she demands the explanations for the audience - on behalf of the audience."

"She's an investigator, and she's an expert in counter terrorism. She approaches these missions and finding these hidden magical artifacts as she would approach any mission, in the military or not in the military. She's just doing her job," she says.

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