09-22-2009: Late Night with Conan O'Brien Transcript (NBC)


Conan O'Brien: My first guest tonight played Mystique in the X-Men movies. Starting tomorrow night she can be seen starring on the new ABC series "Eastwick". We are thrilled she is here tonight, please welcome Rebecca Romijn.
You look absolutely stunning, you look gorgeous.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you very much.

Conan: I love your leather pants and the whole thing. It is good.

Rebecca: Is it working for you?

Conan: Yes it is. Thanks for being here.

Rebecca: How is California treating you so far?

Conan: It is doing great. I love living here. It is very nice. Understand, my producer just before we came back from commercials said: "You wanted to talk to me about something.

Rebecca: I wanna talk to you about something because I... First I'm happy you are joining the California experience. It seems you are really embracing it. There was a picture that I saw in People magazine.

Conan: I don't show up a lot when the tabloids, sort of press.

Rebecca: You know, you are here in California victimized by the paparazzi, I guess. Something that is happening to you now. Do we have that pictures?

Conan: Yes, that is a nice shot.

Rebecca: A picture of Conan.

Conan: Why are you laughing, that is my question? Here is my question. We have a photo of a virile young man on a bike.

Rebecca: Just like Lance Armstrong.

Conan: People were laughing.

Rebecca: I want to point out my favourite part of the picture. If we can just zoom into your legs.

Conan: Okay, that is nice.

Rebecca: See. First of all, I assume you don't tan easily. I'm just guessing.

Conan: That is a good guess. Yes.

Rebecca: You.

Conan: I don't tan at all.

Rebecca: You are well protected with a healthy layer of orange fuzz. That's good.

Conan: I don't shave my legs if that is what you are saying.

Rebecca: In California there is something called manscaping. Now I think it is awful. I actually think men... I think you are a very healthy man. I think you should be covered in hair. That is how men should be.

Conan: I don't think I was covered in hair.

Rebecca: Can we see the picture again?

Conan: There is some hair on my legs but...

Rebecca: I'm telling you, I appreciate that. May I say something here, that I might get in trouble for, but sometimes my husband shaves his legs. Sometimes he does.

Conan: Really?

Rebecca: Oh yeah.

Conan: You are kidding?

Rebecca: Oh yeah!

Conan: Shaves his legs?

Rebecca: He says it is for swimming and like whatever drag queen.

Conan: Really?

Rebecca: I prefer this. I prefer...

Conan: You prefer my legs to your husbands legs?

Rebecca: Yes. Yeah.

Conan: Now we are talking. Now we have an interview going. That is why you are here. Now I do have, I have... You know I have the old orange leg hair, it is a big drag.

Rebecca: It is natural sun protection.

Conan: It is not that crazy. What do you do? A lot of people have... Your skin is absolutely beautiful and there is a lot of people when you live in Los Angelos, this close to the equator, you need to do things for your skin. What are your tips for people watching, right now?

Rebecca: Well you know, I'm in my mid-thirties and dealing with the ageing process in different ways.

Conan: I'm in my late twenties.

Rebecca: Are you really?

Conan: But... What are you doing to take care... because you are never going to do plastic surgery. You don't have to, you are so beautiful.

Rebecca: No, I am dealing with the ageing process in my own way and I'm trying to stave off the ageing process without injecting my face full of stuff, but I do different facial exercises which supposedly help. They are not pretty but I do them with my friends.

Conan: What kind of things?

Rebecca: Like, there is one where you like scooch your cheeks like this and it is supposed to exercise your cheek muscles and lift your face up.

Conan: I think someone is playing a joke on you.

Rebecca: It is also the same muscles like laughing and smiling. So I think that would do.

Conan: So you go like that? That is my Donald Trump impression by the way. It is my Donald Trump in a wind tunnel. After he ate a lemon. You think that helps you?

Rebecca: I think, I don't know, you try anything. There is another one that is really even worse. It is called "the Lion" and it is supposed to tighten up under here. It goes like, it is this.

Conan: You are not doing that? Yeah. You do these things because I never wanna see you... I don't ever see that... You see women here... There are women out here, that are in their twenties... They get this stuff...

Rebecca: But, I'm going to try and see how long I can go with it.

Conan: Yeah, there lips are all inflated and they look like aliens.

Rebecca: If you have like bags around your eyes or like say you have too much salty food the night before and your eyes are all puffy and you go like this with your knuckles and like western eye bowns on your knuckles, it is supposed to be...

Conan: All right. Just don't do this while driving.

Rebecca: That would be bad.

Conan: I've seen people going down the highway doing that.

Rebecca: That would be bad.

Conan: Lets take a quick commercial break. We have a lot more to talk about. More with Rebecca Romijn in just a second. Stay around.

[Commercial break]

Conan: We are back and I'm sitting here with Rebecca Romijn. You have a new show "Eastwick" and we talk about that in a minute. I just have to ask you about something. You did an article for "InStyle Magazine". A lot of people read this magazine. It was how to be sexy. You wrote this, you are a very sexy woman. You are giving advice to people on how to be sexy.

Rebecca: They ask me to give tips on how to be sexy

Conan: Should we go over a few of this, because I'm very interested in this subject.

Rebecca: Sure.

Conan: First one: "Practice good pasture". Do you think that has actually something to do with being sexy?

Rebecca: Yeah, I think it is... It is a level of confidence that you are exuding and it makes clothes look better and...

Conan: For women, but also for men as well.

Rebecca: Sure.

Conan: Right. Sort of a guys down here, like this. But a man who is sitting up straight like this is.... Don't patronize me.

Rebecca: I mean, how hot is that?

Conan: Wow, good pasture. Another one: "Dance alone". Dance alone, why alone?

Rebecca: First of all, I didn't say dance alone. First of all, it's a women's magazine. These tips weren't for you Conan. They were for like...

Conan: In high school I danced alone and it was not sexy. In the corner you know. When a man dances alone there is a sadness that is unrivalled in life by anything else.

Rebecca: It's more like, don't be afraid to dance by yourself if you are in a bad mood or you are at home by yourself. Don't be afraid to put on some good music and dance.

Conan: I thought, you meant in a club, but I really did. That is the worst advice, I thought that was terrible. Just that spinning by yourself in a club. You'll be fine. Chance your hairstyle. You meant, you just frequently change it up?

Rebecca: Variety is a spice of life.

Conan: I had the same hairstyle since 1969. Do you think it would be good to chance it?

Rebecca: I think at some point it might be a pretty good idea.

Conan: Like the moe from the Three Stooges? Just straight across? I mean, anything?

Rebecca: Fowhawk?

Conan: I don't know what that is.

Rebecca: You know, when you do like a fake mohawk.

Conan: Fake mohawk, the mohawk. Glad you told me.

Rebecca: Don't try that, seriously. I think you'll be better with the pompadour.

Conan: Honor requests. I don't know what that means.

Rebecca: Like, if somebody asks you, you know, if your man asks you, put on a pair of high heels for a night out of town. Do it. It's a compliment.

Conan: Okay. Did you mean kinky stuff as well?

Rebecca: However far you wanna take it in your personal life.

Conan: Does your men asks you to dress up in a crazy outfit? For a special night alone you do it?

Rebecca: Yes.

Conan: Okay. What kind of requests are we talking about here specifically? And your last one was nice: "Don't take yourself to seriously"

Rebecca: Right.

Conan: I see it is one of those things where women are always saying, we like a man who doesn't take himself too seriously and then women are always attracted to the bad guy. Do you know what I mean? The guy that does seem to take himself too seriously. Luke Perry from 90210. You know? We are always saying, I love a nerdy guy who doesn't take himself too seriously, oh here is my boyfriend Blaze. Blaze. Isn't that true?

Rebecca: I don't know. I married a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.

Conan: His real name is Blaze, I know what you mean. Let's talk about the new show. Okay. Eastwick. Eastwick off course, This is based on the movie "Witches of Eastwick" which is off course originally a John Updike novel.

Rebecca: That is correct and we start tomorrow night 10 o'clock on ABC starring Lindsey Price and Jamie Ray Newmann and myself. We are having a fantastic time. The show is great. The material is so fun and challeging. We can't wait to go to work every day. The magnificant Paul Gross, the Canadian actor, who plays Darryl, our mysterious sinister man who moves into town.

Conan: Blaze, I like to call him.

Rebecca: Blaze, you may call him Blaze.

Conan: You play witches, obviously. It must be fun to play a witch, I would think.

Rebecca: It's a fantasy. Playing a witch, it's a fantasy for a girl like playing a superhero is a fantasy for a guy. It is like your powers are limitless. I dressed up like a witch for Halloween probably three times when I was a kid. It is fun.

Conan: Are you learning anyting about actual witchcraft because there are a lot of people out there, that believe in witchcraft.

Rebecca: We have actually casted three spells. One to get the show picked up, one to get some hairy make up people that we wanted and one to get a time slot that we wanted and they all came true.

Conan: So you made a deal with the devil? Very nice, very nice. It is all working for you then?

Rebecca: All working.

Conan: I wanna live by the way, so just be nice to me. Eastwick premieres tomorrow night at 10 on ABC. Rebecca, thanks so much for being her. It is always a pleasure having you here.

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