Sightings 2003


12-22-2003: "Dinah, The Christmas Whore" by David Sedaris (Lot 61, NYC)

12-03-2003: 1st Annual Oceana Dinner (Century Plaza Hotel, Century City, CA) [Pictures]

11-24-2003: X2 DVD Release Party (40/40 Club, NYC) [Pictures]

10-29-2003: Nine the musical (Eugene O'Neill Theater, NYC) [Pictures]

Sightings 1998


12-31-1998: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Times Square, NYC)
Leno will be joined by his wife, Mavis, singer Tom Jones, members of the cast from "Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk" and comic Carrot Top. Model Rebecca Romijn will be providing reports live from Times Square.

12-29-1998: Los Angeles International Airport (L.A.)

12-21-1998: Premiere of Hurlyburly (L.A.) [Pictures]

Short Biography


Name: Rebecca Alie Romijn (pronounced 'Row-main')
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American/Dutch
Born: November 6, 1972
Home Town: Berkeley, California, USA
Father: Jaap Romijn; Custom furniture maker, Dutch; divorced in 1980
Mother: Elizabeth Kuizenga; American-born Dutch; Second Language teacher
Sister: Tamara Romijn; born April 1975
School: Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California
Education: University of California at Santa Cruz (Music, dropped out 1991)



Cast Iron Filter

Cast Iron Filter made a song about Rebecca Romijn in September 2000 (Album: Further Down The Lane):

Well, I suck in bed, it's such a shame
My Saturday nights are all the same
And I wish I was dating Rebecca Romijn
But hell, don't we all?
Got a place inside where you used to be
You could drink Old English like you was a queen
I can't figure out if it's you or me,
But I'm ready to take the fall

Television Career Part 2



Maxim: How did you get the House of Style gig?
Rebecca Romijn: First, a job interview. Then I went in and did a video test, which was only so-so--the producer was totally honest with me. But I called the next day from the San Juan airport and said, "I really want this job, I think I could be really good at this job, and I really think you should hire me."


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