Arena Interview


"When I heard the news I was 20 per cent excited and 80 per cent terrified," Rebecca Romijn says, easing into a comfortable chair in her ranch in the Santa Monica hills. "It was such a huge responsibility. I didn't want to let him down. I'd heard stories about him and he's got a reputation for being a bear sometimes. It turned out that he was a little moody - you never knew which Brian you were going to get - but once we started working together it was great. He was very patient as I needed help with a lot of stuff - I'm still fairly green."

Newsletter 15 (June 11, 2003)


The last two months the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. The following magazine covers have been added:
Arena 6/2003
Femme Fatales 5/2003
Glamour 5/2003
Parade Magazine 04-13-2003

2. The following sightings have been added:
04-10-2003: Emanuel Ungaro Fashion Show (Heather Thomas' home, Santa Monica CA)
04-12-2003: Nickleodeon's 16th Annual Kids' Choice Awards (Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, CA)
04-23-2003: X-Men 2 Promotion (Rome, Italy)
04-24-2003: X-Men 2 Premiere (Leicester Square, London, Great Britain)

SF Gate Interview


Rebecca Romijn wore precious little for the steamy scenes in her last movie, "Femme Fatale." But she was notably overdressed compared with her wardrobe in "X2: X-Men United." Reprising her role as the evil enchantress Mystique, Romijn parades around in nothing but a thick layer of blue paint. Shooting outdoor nude scenes in snowy Calgary was no picnic -- even if food was used to warm her up.

Real Detroit Interview


Rebecca Romijn: We're the freaks among the freaks. There were so many visitors on the set with their jaws on the floor, so we [Romijn and Cummings] found ourselves in each other's trailers complaining like an old, bitchy blue married couple. We were our own special blue support group. Alan and I would watch Waiting for Guffman a lot when we were waiting. We'd sit in his trailer and practice the "stool song" in our blue makeup.

The Advocate Interview


The Advocate: If you see Mystique in the comic book, she's clothed like the other people. She's got her comic book superhero vinyl outfit on. But for the movie they say, "We think clothes are sort of outdated. We're just going to body-paint you."
Rebecca Romijn: I have to agree with the producers of the movie or whoever it was that decided Mystique shouldn't wear clothes. Clothes would get in the way if you're trying to morph. If your body cells can morph, how does the fabric of the garment morph?

Tron 2.0


Power up your light cycles, Buena Vista's first-person action PC game Tron 2.0 is gearing up with Rebecca Romijn set to lend her pipes to the project. The X-Men star provides the voice of the game's computer-generated light-cycle champ who helps the protagonist make his way through a mysterious digital world. The game is due to hit shelves August 26 (2003, RRF)

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UGO Interview


Question: I loved Femme Fatale. It was really too bad it didn't do well. What was that experience like?
Rebecca Romijn: It was a shame, because it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately, you work so hard on a movie like that, and you wish more people would see it, but the marketing gets messed up and I think the studio [Warner Bros] dropped the ball on it.

Question: I think it will be a big cult movie.
RR: I hope so. It was an amazing experience, and Brian De Palma is such a huge talent, and an underrated director.

X-Men 2 Chat


Fort Worth, TX: In your opinion, when I go to see this movie, what will I come away with as the most memorable scene?
Rebecca Romijn: Oooh! That depends on the individual, because there are a lot of great moments in the movie. It also depends on whether you're male or female. Magneto's escape from prison is really fantastic....there's also a tent scene with Wolverine that's pretty great.
Berkeley, CA: Did you do all your own stunts and fighting scenes?


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