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Question: X2 is the second movie in which you had a makeout scene in a bathroom stall, with Femme Fatale being the first.
Rebecca Romijn: You're not the first person to bring that up. It's going to go on my resume. The girl that makes out in bathroom stalls. Hire me if you want a skanky makeout bathroom scene.

Question: Was it a coincidence, or did you ask for it?
RR: No, it's a total coincidence. Maybe they were inspired after they saw Femme Fatale.

Question: I was inspired after I saw Femme Fatale.
RR: You were?

CBS News Interview


The latest "X-Men" movie adventure considerably ups the romantic stakes. The blue-skinned metamorph Mystique, again played by Rebecca Romijn, shows her seductive side. "She's much more sexual in this film," says Romijn. "And she tries to use her ability to transform into others to take care of her sensual needs. At the same time, Mystique gets to display a little more humor - and some outrage," she adds.

Godsend Article


Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn are in talks to star in a new horror-thriller. The trio are set to appear in Godsend, which will be directed by Nick Hamm whose previous films include The Hole and Martha Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence. Godsend is about a couple (Kinnear and Romijn) whose son is accidentally shot. They enlist the help of a scientist (DeNiro) to try to bring their child back to life. Filming is expected to begin in November [2002, RRF] reports

Newsletter 14 (April 8, 2003)


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03-16-2003: ABC's 50th Anniversary Celebration (The Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA)
03-03-2003: Armani's Fall-Winter Fashion Collection (Milan, Italy)

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Entertainment Weekly Interview


Why Rebecca Romijn felt blue on 'X2' -- Five hours of makeup application had the model/actress, who plays villain Mystique, seeing red. Despite walking naked through the snows of northern Alberta, Rebecca Romijn (who plays azure-skinned, clothing-averse Mystique in 'X2') always maintained a stiff (frozen?) upper lip. They put down fake snow on top of the real snow -- basically potato flakes,'' the 30-year-old actress reports cheerfully. 'So between takes, there'd be three people -- including Ian McKellen -- scraping gummy, disgusting potato goo off my feet.' Sounds lovely.

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The last two months the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

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Star Magazine Interview


Don't let Rebecca Romijn' sexy moves as an exotic dancer in her new movie Femme Fatale fool you. It took a lot of sweat to put her at ease for her striptease! "I had somebody work with me to teach me some moves," she confides. "I didn't know how to do that!" Rebecca, 30, hired a choreographer to show her all kinds of provocative poses. Then she practiced her routine on hubby John Stamos, 39. But even though he gave her pole performance a thumbs-up, she still downed a shot of tequila to take the edge off before filming.

E! Online Chat


Skibird2: Do you have any plans to go into the studio to record music, and if so, what type?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm really into musical theater--I'm not sure I could cut it as a rock star. But I'd say I like different kinds of music.

Knight4jeri: Would you wear the paint again as Mystique if they asked you back? How bad was it to have them paint your soles? Did it tickle a lot?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm definitely coming back as Mystique in X-Men 2, and we start in May (2002, RRF). By the way, it wasn't my soles that tickled the most.


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