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As though Rebecca Romijn didn't already have the lesbians going mad for her after X-Men--where her costume as Mystique was blue paint and little else--now she's starring in Brian De Palma's new erotic thriller, Femme Fatale, where her passionate, scenes with fellow supermodel Rie Rasmussen have set heart rates increasing around the globe. The Buzz recently caught up with the ravishing Romijn via E-mail, and she coyly teased us with tasty tidbits about her racy new role.

Newsletter 7 (April 13, 2002)


The last two months the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. MarieClaire cover (March 2002)
TV Spielfilm cover (03-09-2002)
Elle cover and pictures (January 2002)
Rebecca Romijn will host the ESPN Action Sports & Music Awards (04-13-2002)

2. New pictures have been added to various categories. A new category with ESPN pictures has been added.

3. Partial update of the link section.

Newsletter 6 (February 14, 2002)


February 8, 2002 Rollerball has been released. In this movie Rebecca Romijn plays Aurora. Rebecca has appeared in many tv-shows the last weeks. For this reason I've made an extra update of "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage". The last two weeks the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. Rebecca Romijn's Appearances
02-09-2002: MAD TV (FOX)
02-01-2002: The Friday Night Super Bowl Bash (CBS)
01-30-2002: MTV Diary (MTV)
11-15-2001: Release of Mick Jagger's 'Goddess in the Doorway.'

SciFi Wire Interview


Rebecca Romijn, who co-stars in John McTiernan's update of the 1975 SF film Rollerball, told SCI Fi Wire that she has seen the final cut of the new film, and, contrary to rumors from a test screening, the film is not a disaster. On the other hand, she acknowledges that much of the film's violence fell to the cutting-room floor in order to secure a PG-13 rating. "It's really fun," said Romijn, who co-stars as the motorcycle-riding, Rollerball-playing, butt-kicking Aurora, opposite Chris Klein, LL Cool J and Jean Reno.

Vogue Interview


Rebecca Romijn has been defending her reputation as a tough chick. The Victoria's Secret beauty, who gave up modelling to try her hand at the acting game early in 2000, has taken time to set the record straight about a recent story about her that appeared in the National Enquirer. "There was a story that I snotted on Al Pacino when I was doing a make-out scene in a movie called Simone, "she tells a US magazine. "They said a drop fell out of my nose and onto his face - which it did - but they said I ran away crying, which isn't true. I was embarrassed, but I sure wasn't crying.

Newsletter 5 (February 1, 2002)


Last month "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" has been moved from a free to a paid hosting company. The URL hasn't changed. Now I've available more MB's of disk space and GB's of traffic. I've been very busy with this change the last weeks, so this month, there's only a small update.

The last months the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. Information about the following events where Rebecca Romijn was present:
01-09-2002: American Music Awards
12-20-2001: 59th Golden Globe Awards Nomination
12-09-2001: Premiere of Kevin Spacey's "The Shipping News"

Deseret News Interview


Director Bryan Singer won't say much about the upcoming sequel to the hit comic-book adventure "X-Men." The story is shrouded in secrecy, but he can reveal this: It's set for release on May 2, 2003. "I can tell fans that we'll have some new characters is this one, some of them young and others old," Singer told the Associated Press on Wednesday. Last year's sci-fi epic "X-Men" starred Patrick Stewart as benevolent psychic Professor X and Sir Ian McKellen as megalomaniacal metal-shifter Magneto, leaders of two rival factions of mutants.

01-09-2002: American Music Awards


The bands played on even after the American Music Awards Wednesday, with parties at the St. Regis Hotel Presidential Penthouse and Deep, among others.

The Deep bash in Hollywood doubled as a congratulatory affair for Universal Music Group's golden boy Nelly, marking his acting debut in "Snipes," which bowed at the Toronto Film Festival last year and is set for release soon.

A Nelly TV Cam was set up for attendees to congratulate the rapper on camera.

10-30-1999: 10th anniversary party MTV's House of Style


These days, being a supermodel is more than looking good while striding down the runway or posing for a magazine cover. A model also can be seen giving interviews, doing publicity tours, making guest appearances on TV talk shows and landing movie roles.

For Rebecca Romijn, that's just another week at the office. She is the host of MTV's "House of Style," which, in past years, helped boost the careers of multimedia models Cindy Crawford and Daisy Fuentes. "It's so much fun. It makes us look a little more human," she said during an interview at MTV's Times Square studio.


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