1997: Miller Lite Commercial


Miller Lite's latest campaign will put three beer drinkers on an exotic beach with supermodel Rebecca Romijn and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo crew.

Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co. and Sports Illustrated have teamed up for a national promotion set to start in mid-June to generate sales for Miller products, said Michael Johnson, Miller Lite brand director.

11-27-1999: Fashionably Loud, Model Mission


These days, being a supermodel is more than looking good while striding down the runway or posing for a magazine cover. A model also can be seen giving interviews, doing publicity tours, making guest appearances on TV talk shows and landing movie roles.

For Rebecca Romijn, that's just another week at the office. She is the host of MTV's "House of Style," which, in past years, helped boost the careers of multimedia models Cindy Crawford and Daisy Fuentes. "It's so much fun. It makes us look a little more human," she said during an interview at MTV's Times Square studio.

Rebecca's Computer (Ebay)


An interesting Ebay auction (Ebay item 2003640058)

First bid: $ 500, Winning bid: $ 1.100.

Apple Powerbook G3 500 MHz, 384 RAM!
I am selling this unit for John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn . John owned it first and later gave it to Rebecca. The computer is in very good condition. Email me if you have any questions. System runs perfect, there is no software this unit, again the unit runs fine. Powerbook G3 500 MHz 384 ram, 10GB hard drive, DVD/CD-ROM drive, video memory 8 MB, backside L2 cache
1 MB OS 9.1.1.

Newsletter 4 (December 9, 2001)


The last months the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. Rebecca Romijn on the cover of TV Today Germany (11-03-2001)

2. Information about the following events where Rebecca Romijn was present:
10-17-2001: Kiehl's 150th Anniversary Motorcycle Tour Celebration (Beverly Hills, CA)
10-18-2001: PlayStation 2 Anniversary Party (L.A.)
10-22-2001: World Premiere of 'K-PAX' (Mann Village Westwood, Westwood, CA)
10-25-2001: Burberry Store Party (Beverly Hills, CA)

3. New pictures have been added to various categories.

Newsletter 3 (October 15, 2001)


The last months the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. Rebecca Romijn on the cover of Glamour (09-2001) and TV14 Germany (09-22-2001)

2. Femme Fatale pictures have been added to the site.

3. Rebecca Romijn will attend BREATHE, an annual benefit concert for breast cancer treatment and research on October 27, 2001 in Los Angeles.

4. New pictures have been added to various categories.

NY Daily News Interview


Flouncing around in sexy beachwear is one thing, but, for some supermodels, taking off your top is quite another. "Rollerball" director John McTiernan learned that when he asked model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn to appear topless on camera. "I freaked," she told Glamour magazine for their September issue. "So we hashed it out and shot it lit in silhouette." Still, aside from the perils of shooting sans clothes, Romijn much prefers the acting life to that of the mandated cheerfulness of modeling. "It was nice to walk around [the movie set] in a dark mood," she said.



Despite the fact that John Stamos' wife, Rebecca Romijn, is an actress, it's not likely that you'll be seeing her on his new ABC action drama, "Thieves," which debuts this fall.

"She's too much money," Stamos joked with reporters during Sunday's (July 22) Television Critics Association Press Tour. "She's a diva."

Seriously, Stamos said that he and his wife made a pact not to get involved in each other's projects, and he plans to stick to that.

Rebecca's Computer (Newsgroups)


While surfing in the Google newsgroups archives I found the following message:

From: Ken Hada (***@******.com)
Subject: Re: Discontinued G4 466's
Newsgroups: rec.audio.pro
Date: 2001-07-31 10:49:38 PST

in article 20010731030056.08126.00001762@ng-cs1.aol.com, EXCEL SM at *******@***.com wrote on 7/31/01 12:00 AM:

Newsletter 2 (August 4, 2001)


The last month the following things have been added to "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage":

1. Rebecca Romijn on the cover of Amica Italy (07-2001) and Cosmopolitan Portugal (08-2001)

2. Picture of Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos from "ABC Press Tour Party" (07-23-2001)

3. Rebecca Romijn will attend the opening of St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa on August 11, 2001

4. New pictures have been added to various categories.

Austin Powers Premiere


At the premiere of "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" E! Online talked with John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn:

E! Online: John Stamos is headed this way with his beautiful wife, Rebecca Romijn--or rather Rebecca Romijn-Stamos--who is in the movie.

John: I read E! Online!

E! Online: Your wife looks great in the movie, so good-looking. She sizzles. How about your career, is it sizzling back up again?

John: Yes, starting to sizzle again, got a lot of projects going on--a miniseries.


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