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Rebecca's Martial Advice


Even though Rebecca Romijn was due back at work the Monday after her July 14 (2007, RRF) wedding to Jerry O'Connell, the couple refused to postpone the honeymoon. Their solution: take the wedding trip first, head down the aisle later.

"I highly recommend to anyone that's getting married to take the honeymoon first," Romijn told PEOPLE at the ABC Television Critics Association party in Beverly Hills on Thursday night. "We got to spend a great deal of time together before we got married relaxed and with a tan."

Rebecca and Jerry want Kids


Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell have only been married since Saturday, July 14, 2007 but the groom has already revealed that they are hoping to expand their family -- he just didn't indicate when.

"We definitely want to have kids," he told ET at a press conference for his new ABC series, "Carpoolers." "Hopefully, they will take after their mother."

Rebecca and Jerry Wedding Plans


Romijn loses weight for Secret Wedding

Model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn is heading back up the aisle - she's planning a secret New Year's Eve wedding to actor Jerry O'Connell. The X-Men star started dating the Kangaroo Jack actor shortly after she split with ex-husband John Stamos and now she's hoping to become Mrs O'Connell as 2005 becomes 2006.

Rebecca and Jerry living together


X-Men 3 and Wedding

NewsAnnual Critics' Choice Awards Presenter Rebecca Romijn hinted that her X-Men 3 villain, Mystique, will be showing her soft side when the sequel arrives this summer. "Mystique suffers a heartbreak," she said. But in real life, her wedding to Jerry O'Connell will happen "sometime this year." But no babies anytime soon. "According to the tabloids, I've been pregnant for about 14 months now. Ridiculous."

USA Today Article

Rebecca and Jerry's Family Visit


Rebecca Romijn is taking fiance Jerry O'Connell to Holland this week for "a huge family reunion. I haven't been back in a couple of years," reports the gorgeous blond actress currently riding high at the box office with "X-Men: The Last Stand."

The Romijn gathering has been in the works for months. Afterward, the couple is planning a Euro vacation. "I'm taking a break. I've been kind of busy," notes Rebecca.

Rebecca and Jerry engaged


Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos couldn't make a full house. Now she's trying again with a new beau. The model-actress and her boyfriend of a year and a half, actor Jerry O'Connell, are engaged, Romijn's publicist, Lewis Kay, confirmed to E! News. "We couldn't be happier and are looking forward to the next chapter of our lives," the obligatorily giddy couple announced in a joint statement Tuesday. No wedding date has been set.

Romijn gives O'Connell Tips


Rebecca Romijn NewsKangaroo Jack star Jerry O'Connell was so nervous when he initially landed his gig as the face of Perry Ellis clothing, he asked his girlfriend Rebecca Romijn for modelling tips.

O'Connell, 31, graces billboard and magazines in ads for the fashion giant, but his 32-year-old ex-model lover helped give him the confidence boost he needed to take on the project.

He says, "I was nervous (about posing) at first, but because Rebecca used to model, she was like, 'Don't be afraid - it'll be cool. Just make sure you smile.' "We actually practiced!"



Does Rebecca Romijn's boyfriend suffer from sexual dysfunction? "Crossing Jordan" hunk Jerry O'Connell says he recently visited a female acupuncturist in L.A.'s Little Tokyo neighborhood, complaining of "problems in the bedroom."

"So they put all these needles into my lower stomach, and then she attaches these electrodes," the 31-year-old O'Connell regaled his tablemates at a lunch in Los Angeles that included his 32-year-old girlfriend and "Oprah" interior decorator Nate Berkus.

Rebecca and Jerry Dating


In July 2004 there have been a few sightings of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry spending time together:

This sighting was posted by Susan Kaye on E! Online:

I spotted Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell at LAX on Saturday, July 17th, 2004 as they walked to a Southwest Airline.

Original article: E! Online

Luv JOC posted in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum that her sister spotted the two in Las Vegas over the weekend:

Howard Stern Interview


Howard picked up the next line and heard a woman singing Happy Birthday to him. Howard couldn't place who it was right away, despite the clue she gave him by saying she is his west-coast girlfriend. It turned out to be Rebecca Romijn and after she wished him a happy birthday Howard started grilling her about why she was with actor Jerry O'Connell. Rebecca said she is dating him but denied the reports that she moved in with him. She also denied the reports that Jerry had been calling his ex-girlfriend trying to get her back.


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