02-2012: Diablo Magazine Interview with Rebecca Romijn


Rebecca Romijn and Gabrielle Union have more than just Hollywood in common. Both are 39 years old, graduated from East Bay high schools, and found success as models, which led to big careers in movies and television. Their celebrity relationships have been followed by paparazzi. And this month, they share the screen in Tyler Perry’s latest drama, Good Deeds. In the film, Romijn and Union play best friends—and as you’ll begin to suspect, they’re pretty tight in real life, too.

12-2010: Parent & Child [Rebecca Romijn]


“I drove home laughing hysterically,” Rebecca Romijn recounts to P&C when asked how she reacted to the news from her obstetrician that she was expecting twins. “It was a complete shock for Jerry and me,” says the 38-year-old California-born model and actress, referring to husband Jerry O’Connell. Since delivering fraternal sisters Dolly and Charlie two years ago this December, Romijn and O’Connell have been on a classic parenting ride of diapers, first words, first steps, tantrums, and toddler-wrangling, times two.

12-2010: Parent & Child [Jerry O'Connell]


Rebecca came home with the sonogram and there was not one blob, but two. Twins!” That’s how actor Jerry O’Connell recalls the moment when he first learned he would be the father of two. The 36-year-old native New Yorker, star of the new CBS drama The Defenders, told P&C he always knew he and Rebecca would have “at least a couple of kids — it’s just not something I thought we’d go through all at once. But it’s great having Dolly and Charlie.”

02-20-2006: OK! Weekly Australia


While most of us are struggling through the winter months with red noses and dull skin, Rebecca Romijn is glowing with health. Part of the reason for her stunning looks is her genes, of course (she was a top model, don't forget), but a more significant factor in Rebecca's sunny face is the happiness over her engagement to TV hunk Jerry O'Connell.

09-05-2009: Access Direct TV


Sweltering is the only word to describe this afternoon in Burbank, one of those sticky, no-breeze days that makes people hate the San Fernando Valley, but you wouldn't know it from looking at Rebecca Romijn, who is standing in the doorway of her trailer on the Warner Bros. lot with a big, broad smile. Hello, hello, nice to meet you, come on in, she says, learning way down to shake my hand. Romijn is nearly six feet tall, a lot of that legs, but now, perched at the top of several steps leading up to her aluminum-sided home away from home, she's about twice that.


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