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05-1999 Glamour


It's Rebecca Romijn redux. The blond supermodel who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's February (1999, RRF) swimsuit issue is back wearing a bikini on Glamour magazine's upcoming May swimsuit issue.

Glamour editor Bonnie Fuller defends her copycat-like choice, saying: "The image she is projecting is so different. The look is made for women to relate to. She is sitting there looking comfortable. It's not an itsy-bitsy bathing suit."

02-1999: SI Swimsuit Issue


In the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 1999" Austin Murphy has written an article about the painting of the models for this magazine. The parts of the article, which are about Rebecca Romijn can be written here. The painting has taken place on Necker Island, the private island of Richard Branson on the British Virgin Islands.


04-1999: Cosmopolitan


Cosmo: What's your fashion passion?
Rebecca Romijn: I love vintage clothes. I just bought four antique lace dresses. It's a thrill to find a special piece that you know isn't in every department store.

Cosmo: How do you take care of your hair?
Rebecca Romijn: I use shampoo and conditioner by Paul Brown, a line tat comes from Hawaii. It's so natural, you could eat it!

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