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02-1997: P.O.V.


Get a bunch of guys together, give them a little booze and ask them what they really want from women. Chances are what you'll hear is ... well, you can probably figure that out for yourself. On the other hand, get a bunch of women together, give them a little vino and ask them what they really want from men. What do you think you'll hear? Romantic dates? Holding hands? Sure, there's that ... but how about when to make the move, who should pay for dates, and where is the right spot to rub?

11-1997: GQ Magazine


GQ: In a better world, which of the gifts you're modeling in this spread would you most like to find under your Christmas tree?
Rebecca Romijn: The Cigarette boat. That thing went ninety miles per hour. I was driving it by myself. Afterward they asked me how I felt, and I said, "I feel like I have a penis now."
GQ: And in your stocking
Rebecca Romijn: The earrings.
GQ: Do you ever receive gifts from distant admirers swept off their feet by the Victoria's Secret catalog or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?

12-1997: TV Guide


TV Guide: Were you a General Hospital fan when John Stamos played Blackie Parrish back in 1982?
Rebecca Romijn: I was too young. He started on GH when he was 18, so I was 9. I wasn't that aware of him until Full House, and then I didn't watch the show that much, but I remember seeing a couple of episodes and thinking, "That John Stamos is looking fine!"
TVG: How did you and John get together?

02-1997: GQ Magazine


Rebecca tells about the GQ 2/1997 cover:

Rebecca Romijn admits she was "terrified" when she heard she'd be posing topless with Dennis Rodman for the cover of GQ.

"I thought he would grab my breasts or say crude things," Romijn told us the other night. Indeed, she was so nervous that the Chicago Bull star might show up "with a posse of 12 testosterone-charged hoodlums" that workmen built a plasterboard enclosure "to keep this crew away from me."

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