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02-08-2007: Ellen DeGeneres (syndicated)


Ellen: Rebecca Romijn. You're taller.

Rebecca Romijn: I keep on growing.

Ellen: Yeah, I don't remember you being that tall.

Rebecca Romijn: Really?

Ellen: You just have high heels on.

Rebecca Romijn: I know, I wish I could take them off, they almost broke on my way down here. Congratulations on Episode #601.

Ellen: Yeah, this is #601 you're on.

Rebecca Romijn: I wrote a little something, I prepared a little something in honor of Episode #601.

10-17-2007: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)


David Letterman: Our first guest stars as an amnesiac transsexual on the critically acclaimed television series “Ugly Betty”. I wanna that part. Ladies and gentlemen. Here is the lovely Rebecca Romijn.


David Letterman: Oh, my God. Thank you so much. You look lovely as always.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

David Letterman: Welcome back to the program.

Rebecca Romijn: Nice to be back.

David Letterman: Good to have you with us. How are things in your life?

Paul: Hello Rebecca Romijn, it is nice to see you.

10-30-2007: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)


Jimmy Kimmel: First guest tonight is a beautiful and talented woman who is fluent in three languages, including English which is very good for us here. You can see her play transgendered amnesiac Alexis Maede on the big hit show “Ugly Betty” here on ABC every Thursday night at 8. Please say hello to Rebecca Romijn.


Jimmy Kimmel: Wow, you look fantastic as always.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you so much.

Jimmy Kimmel: How are you?

02-21-2007: Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)


On the heels of being publicly called out by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the producers of late-night ABC gab fest “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” apologized for a recent rant of jokes by host Jimmy Kimmel about the appearance of transgender women. “In the future, please know we will be more sensitive should a similar circumstance arise,” show staff members wrote in a March 2 letter to GLAAD.

01-26-2007: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)


Jay Leno: My first guest, very talented actress and a lot of fun. She can be seen on "Ugly Betty," which just won the golden globe award for best comedy series. It airs Tuesday nights on ABC. Please welcome Rebecca Romijn How you doing?

Rebecca Romijn: Great! So nice to be back.

Jay Leno: It's good to have you.

Rebecca Romijn: Always a fun time.

Jay Leno: And how's your fiance, Jerry O'Connell? How's he doing?

Rebecca Romijn: He's great. Thank you for asking. Fantastic.

1997: Miller Lite Commercial


Miller Lite's latest campaign will put three beer drinkers on an exotic beach with supermodel Rebecca Romijn and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo crew.

Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co. and Sports Illustrated have teamed up for a national promotion set to start in mid-June to generate sales for Miller products, said Michael Johnson, Miller Lite brand director.

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