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Emmy Awards


When you look over the TV academy's official list of Emmy contenders and don't see Rebecca Romijn in the supporting comedy race, the first thing you might think is: Aha! It's a diva move by someone splitting from the Ultimate TV Series About Fashion Divas: "Ugly Betty." But, no. Rebecca Romijn's not listed because her reps — uh, oh! — forgot to enter her name. "It was an oversight," her spokesman confirms.

03-24-2007: Square Off (TVGC)


Andy Wallenstein: Welcome back to “Square Off”. Our next guest could be seen in a gender bending roll on the ABC hit series “Ugly Betty”. Rebecca Romijn, welcome to “Square Off”.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you for having me. It is a pleasure to be here.

Andy Wallenstein: Thanks for coming. So I get to ask right of the top, so “Ugly Betty” calls and says: “Yeah, we want you to play a man who gets a sex change and becomes a woman”. Are you just totally game or somewhat insulted? How do you approach it?

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