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Rebecca and Jerry on Marriage, Kids and Keeping Their Love Alive in Hollywood


Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell have been happily married for four years, have adorable twin daughters Dolly and Charlie and look more in love than ever.

OK! chatted with the blissful couple at Nivea's Millions of Moments of Touch event at the Empire State Building in NYC, discussing marriage, kids and how they keep their love alive in Hollywood. Obviously, you and Rebecca have no problem with PDA. But how do you balance your relationship, kids and a career and still find time for one another?

How To Sell Furniture To Celebrities


I spent the first eight months of 2004 in Los Angeles selling expensive furniture to rich people. In the center of the store sat a colossal white sofa, extremely uncomfortable, which could be purchased for $8,000. No one bought it. A full set of silverware would set you back something like $15,000. No takers. A mink throw – $7,500 – also did not sell. Another mink throw, available for $5,000, actually did sell. In fact, I sold it. My single biggest commission. A frosty rich lady once bought an entire set of handcrafted Italian dishes: my second biggest commission.

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell renew Wedding Vows


November 11, 2011 is a big day for mathematicians, historians, numerologists, and the like. Celebrities? Not so much. Aside from Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, that is.

"If we happen to look at our phone and it's 11:11, one of us always texts the other," says O'Connell. The significance of the numbers for the Romijn-O'Connell clan comes from their numerical symmetry: "There's two of us – Rebecca and I – and the two of our kids," explains the actor, 37. So the couple decided that Friday, 11/11/11 was a day worthy of celebration.

Rebecca Romijn Alters Diet To Regain Pre-Baby Body


Actress Rebecca Romijn has dropped the last of her pregnancy pounds and regained her pre-baby body after cutting out starch, dairy and sugar from her diet - almost three years after becoming a first-time mum.

The X-Men beauty, who is married to actor Jerry O'Connell, gave birth to twin daughters Dolly and Charlie in December, 2008, and she admits it has taken her a while to get back into shape up after becoming "lazy" with her eating habits.

Rebecca Romijn's family playing cards


With two Hollywood parents family time all together must be moments few and far between. So spending a whole day together in the park must have been heaven for Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell and their gorgeous twin girls. The family found a nice grassy knoll to sit down on and laid out a blanket to sit down on.

And while the acting couple can no doubt afford more high tech entertainment the family enjoyed a number of rounds of the card game Uno together.

40th Anniversary of UNO® Celebrations


For four decades, UNO® has remained America’s #1 card game brand*. In honor of the 40th Anniversary of UNO®, Mattel is inviting fans around the world to compete for the prestigious title of the “UNO World Champion!” player. The 40 Days of UNO® Tournament will launch on Facebook August 15th, and players can enter the UNO® Play, Enter, Win Sweepstakes to win hundreds of prizes totaling over $40,000 (U.S. residents only).


Rebecca Romijn's handbag


Rebecca Romijn feels like a “magician” when she delves into her favourite Coach handbag. The 38-year-old actress-and-former-model is mom to twin two-year-old girls Charlie and Dolly, her kids with husband Jerry O'Connell.

Being a busy working mother, Rebecca needs to have beauty essentials at hand for getting ready on the go, and has shared some of her favourite products with Us Weekly. "I feel like a magician pulling tricks out of my hat!" she laughed, when reaching into her trusted $1,000 Coach Kristin bag.

Rebecca Romijn: My Husband Is Just Like the Dog


Rebecca Romijn: My Husband Is Just Like the Dog

After being married for nearly four years, Rebecca Romijn knows a few things about her husband, Jerry O'Connell. One thing she can say for certain? O'Connell is just like the family dog, Binn.

"I always say that Binn and Jerry are the male versions of each other," Romijn told at the Wella Professionals Care and Styling Launch at Pipino 57 in New York on Tuesday.

The actress explained that what seemed like a jab to her husband is actually a compliment.

Rebecca Romijn likes washing her hair in the sea


Rebecca Romijn needs a low-maintenance beauty regime as she only just has time to brush her teeth most days.

The 38-year-old American actress and former model leads a busy lifestyle, juggling her successful career with looking after two-year-old daughters Dolly and Charlie, her twins with husband Jerry O'Connell.

Rebecca’s hectic schedule means she often doesn’t get the chance to spend hours preening herself, and favours a more natural look.


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