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12-25-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

12-18-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

12-11-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

12-04-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

11-20-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

11-13-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

11-06-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

10-30-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

10-23-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

10-16-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

10-09-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

10-02-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

09-25-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

05-22-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

05-15-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

05-01-2008: Ugly Betty (ABC)

03-24-2007: Square Off (TVGC)


Andy Wallenstein: Welcome back to “Square Off”. Our next guest could be seen in a gender bending roll on the ABC hit series “Ugly Betty”. Rebecca Romijn, welcome to “Square Off”.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you for having me. It is a pleasure to be here.

Andy Wallenstein: Thanks for coming. So I get to ask right of the top, so “Ugly Betty” calls and says: “Yeah, we want you to play a man who gets a sex change and becomes a woman”. Are you just totally game or somewhat insulted? How do you approach it?

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