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1997: Models - 30 minutes profiles (E! Online)


Ravishing Rebecca Romijn went from being a down-to-earth girl in Birkenstocks to a larger than life sex symbol wearing practically nothing. An amazing transformation, especially since Rebecca’s body, once made her the target of teenage talks.

Rebecca Romijn: I got called “Strange being”, you know, all the standard skinny kid names that they give you. Kids can be mean.

How did this gawky girl blossom into an uninhibited Victoria’s Secret vixen? How did she snag one of TV’s hunkiest heart drops?

07-14-2000: Tonight Show with Jay Lano


Jay Leno: My first guest is the supermodel who braced the cover of hundreds of magazines and now a big time movie star. Now she comes here for a couple of years. It's fun to watch people get bigger and bigger and more popular and now she has a number one movie in the country. X-Men. Please welcome the lovely Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Jay Leno: Have a seat, have a seat, big time moviestar.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you Jay, you have been so nice to me. Thank you so much.

Jay Leno: Well you know something. I did a joke about, I wanna ask you about this.

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