2003 tv

05-09-2003: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC)


Rebecca Romijn was the cover girl for the 1999 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, and is a star in the hit film X-Men 2. With the program Last Call With Carson Daly filming at the Joint, a nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Romijn was the first guest to appear on the show. Mayor Oscar Goodman served as the guest emcee, and the crowd was thrilled when the supermodel agreed to stay on for the second guest. She had no idea what she was in for.

04-28-2003: The Early Show (CBS)


Interviewer: In the eagerly anticipated new film: “X-2, X-Men United” actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos returns as the evil blue mutant “Mystique”.


Interviewer: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is with us. I would never…,

Rebecca Romijn: … impression there.

Interviewer: That was so good. You need to explain to people what…, for people who have not seen an X-Men film, that there is a second one. What your character does?

04-29-2003: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)


Jay Leno: My first guest, beautiful and talented actress and a lot of fun. She's like... she's like a fun girl. She's like... She's hang with the guy. You take it with you. Getting just teriffic reviews for her new movie X2, X-Men United. Opens everywhere on May Second. I think I brought to explain that. Please welcome Rebecca Romijn Stamos

[Rebecca Romijn enters]

Jay Leno: You know what I meant right, when I said that?

Rebecca Romijn: What, lovely ladies who cook for you?

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