2004 tv

04-27-2004: The Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)


Jon Stewart: We're back, my guest tonight, an actress whose films include “X-Men” and in current release “The Punisher”. Her latest is “Godsend”.


Jon Stewart: Please welcome Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Rebecca.

Rebecca Romijn: What the hell is going on?

Jon Stewart: Let me tell you something.

Rebecca Romijn: What the hell is going on?

Jon Stewart: Nothing good ever happens in a dark room, I tell you that.

Rebecca Romijn: I know.

Jon Stewart: What did he find?

04-16-2004: Good Morning America (ABC)


Rebecca Romijn says she hasn't been spending time with another famous actor since her recent break up with husband John Stamos.

"All of it's fabricated," Romijn said on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. (04-16-2004, RRF) "People will believe whatever they're going to believe," she said. "There's nothing you can do about it."

When asked about a current gossip column blurb that she has been spending time with actor John Cusack, Romijn said the only new relationship in her life is with a puppy. "I haven't been going out. I've been staying home with my girlfriends," she said.

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