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07-19-2000: Today Show


Matt Lauer: The X-Men have taken the country and the box office by storm and Cyclopse, Rogue and Wolverine. In case you don't already know those are the names of comedy “X-Men”, a group of mutant superheroes combating Magneto's evil brotherhood. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos plays sinister metamorph Mystique.


Matt Lauer: Good, good work, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Thanks for getting up early. Nice to see you.

Rebecca Romijn: Nice to see you. Thanks for having me.

Matt Lauer: You must to have fun, being naked in this movie.

07-14-2000: Tonight Show with Jay Lano


Jay Leno: My first guest is the supermodel who braced the cover of hundreds of magazines and now a big time movie star. Now she comes here for a couple of years. It's fun to watch people get bigger and bigger and more popular and now she has a number one movie in the country. X-Men. Please welcome the lovely Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Jay Leno: Have a seat, have a seat, big time moviestar.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you Jay, you have been so nice to me. Thank you so much.

Jay Leno: Well you know something. I did a joke about, I wanna ask you about this.

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