2006 tv

04-10-2006: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)


Jimmy Kimmel: Our first guest tonight is an extremely attractive and talented actress, who is still having blue make-up out of her ears from her role as “Mystique” in the new “X-Men” movie. It comes out later, next month I think. You can currently see her bumping into things and falling over as an accident pro newswoman in love on a new show “Pepper Dennis”, Tuesdays at 9 on the WB. Please welcome Rebecca Romijn.


Rebecca Romijn: Hi guys.

Jimmy Kimmel: It is great to see you. Congratulations on the show.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

03-31-2006: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)


Jay Leno: Welcome back. My first guest, a talented actress, a lot of fun. Her new show is called "Pepper Dennis." I like that. It sounds like a steak you get at one of those -- let me have the pepper dennis. It premieres on the WB on April 4th. She can also be seen in "X-Men 3," which comes out May 26th. Please welcome the lovely Rebecca Romijn.

[Cheers and applause]

Jay Leno: Can I offer you some bitch balm?


Rebecca Romijn: Don't mind if I do.

Jay Leno: There you go. How you been?

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