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Ron Burgundy: I’m joined today by a woman, who is simply put the definition of class and beauty. Dame Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Rebecca Romijn: Just Rebecca.

Ron Burgundy: My first question for you is: “You are electric”

Rebecca Romijn: That’s not really a question, that’s more of a statement.

Ron Burgundy: You are electric? You are electric?

Rebecca Romijn: Yes, I guess I’m electric.

Cannes Interview


Rebecca Romijn: What I really love about this festival is the pump and circumstance and the protocol and the ritual and that red carpet is just, it's like the most official, like THE red carpet, the most important red carpet in the world, you know what I mean? It feels so, it is exciting.

Interviewer: We had off course a lot of questions about the make-up. Now, I remember I actually talked to you for the first one and the second one. Is this process a lot easier than it was in the first and second films?

Countingdown Interview


Rebecca Romijn: The effect that…, first of all it is so cool to play this super villain, you know, I mean, I didn’t…, I wasn’t huge…, I didn’t have a huge awareness of X-Men before I started and off course we have all become, you know, very engaged in what X-Men is all about since we worked on it, but yeah, I mean it is so cool to play a super villain. I love it, I love it and I think she is a really cool and sexy and angry character. I mean…, I totally get why she is fighting her fight and I really connect with her.

TVPaf Interview


Interviewer: So how are you doing tonight?

Rebecca Romijn: I’m doing great so far. I finally found the alcohol, so I’m happy.

Interviewer: You are so elegant tonight.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

Interviewer: But, I mean, in the film you are “Femme Fatale”, so which one do you are really? A femme fatale or an elegant…

Rebecca Romijn: Femme Fatale, it is just a character. It is only a movie my friend.

Interviewer: I am so disappointed.

Rebecca Romijn: I’m sorry.

Interviewer. So you’re not in the real life?



Alan Cumming and Rebecca Romijn will star in "Hatter," written and directed by James Killough, about a hedonistic fashion designer and a journalist who knows the secret of his shady past.

The movie is scheduled to shoot next spring in Eastern Europe, with U.K.-based AV Pictures handling worldwide sales. Cumming is producing with Killough and AV topper Anghad Paul. Cumming and Romijn previously appeared together in "X2."

Alibi Information


Title: Changed in "Lies and Alibis"
Cast: Selma Blair, James Brolin, Steve Coogan, Sam Elliot, Debrorah Kara Unger, Jamie King, Sharon Lawrence, John Leguizamo, James Marsden, Debi Mazar, Henry Rollins, Rebecca Romijn

Directors: Matt Checkowski, Kurt Mattila
Executive Producers: Douglas E. Hansen, Julia Eisenman, David Garrett, Bob Hayward
Producers: Erik Feig, Paul Hellerman, James D. Stern, Patrick Wachsberger
Writer: Noah Hawley

News Australia Article


The break-up of her own marriage helped American actor Rebecca Romijn get in character for her latest film role. Romijn worked on Man About Town 18 months after her high-profile split from fellow actor John Stamos after six years of marriage. Man About Town tells of a troubled showbusiness couple, played by Ben Affleck and Romijn, living in Hollywood.


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