12-2010: Parent & Child [Rebecca Romijn]


“I drove home laughing hysterically,” Rebecca Romijn recounts to P&C when asked how she reacted to the news from her obstetrician that she was expecting twins. “It was a complete shock for Jerry and me,” says the 38-year-old California-born model and actress, referring to husband Jerry O’Connell. Since delivering fraternal sisters Dolly and Charlie two years ago this December, Romijn and O’Connell have been on a classic parenting ride of diapers, first words, first steps, tantrums, and toddler-wrangling, times two.

12-2010: Parent & Child [Jerry O'Connell]


Rebecca came home with the sonogram and there was not one blob, but two. Twins!” That’s how actor Jerry O’Connell recalls the moment when he first learned he would be the father of two. The 36-year-old native New Yorker, star of the new CBS drama The Defenders, told P&C he always knew he and Rebecca would have “at least a couple of kids — it’s just not something I thought we’d go through all at once. But it’s great having Dolly and Charlie.” Interview


Jerry O'Connell is back on TV co-starring with Jim Belushi as a flashy attorney in 'The Defenders' on CBS. Awesome, right? But before we get to his new show or his gorgeous wife or his darling twin girls or those crazy Kardashian girls or Yo Gabba Gabba (wait, huh?), PopEater just had to get his take on the mess that has befallen his 'Scream 2' co-star David Arquette. Why? Because the affable O'Connell is a huge fan of Howard Stern, the venue in which Arquette decided to overshare yesterday about his split from Courteney Cox.

Starpulse Interview


Starpulse: Tell us about your version of Roxie on the show.
Rebecca Romijn: It's based on the movie and the book. Roxie is a Bohemian artist with a 15-year-old daughter who lives just outside of town. She's the bohemian artist that lives outside of town and she's got a 15-year-old daughter. She starts having psychic visions, dreams that start coming true, dreams and nightmares that start coming true. Interview


Life is looking good for Jerry O'Connell these days. A one year anniversary to actress Rebecca Romijn, twins on the way, topped off by the premiere of his new Fox comedy Do Not Disturb on Sept. 10 (2008, RRF)

When caught up with O'Connell the conversation turned to Romijn, their anniversary and how they plan to cope with a long distance relationship now that Romijn’s hit show Ugly Betty has moved to New York.

Cannes Interview


Rebecca Romijn: What I really love about this festival is the pump and circumstance and the protocol and the ritual and that red carpet is just, it's like the most official, like THE red carpet, the most important red carpet in the world, you know what I mean? It feels so, it is exciting.

Interviewer: We had off course a lot of questions about the make-up. Now, I remember I actually talked to you for the first one and the second one. Is this process a lot easier than it was in the first and second films?

Countingdown Interview


Rebecca Romijn: The effect that…, first of all it is so cool to play this super villain, you know, I mean, I didn’t…, I wasn’t huge…, I didn’t have a huge awareness of X-Men before I started and off course we have all become, you know, very engaged in what X-Men is all about since we worked on it, but yeah, I mean it is so cool to play a super villain. I love it, I love it and I think she is a really cool and sexy and angry character. I mean…, I totally get why she is fighting her fight and I really connect with her.


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