TVPaf Interview


Interviewer: So how are you doing tonight?

Rebecca Romijn: I’m doing great so far. I finally found the alcohol, so I’m happy.

Interviewer: You are so elegant tonight.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

Interviewer: But, I mean, in the film you are “Femme Fatale”, so which one do you are really? A femme fatale or an elegant…

Rebecca Romijn: Femme Fatale, it is just a character. It is only a movie my friend.

Interviewer: I am so disappointed.

Rebecca Romijn: I’m sorry.

Interviewer. So you’re not in the real life?

Extra Interview


Rebecca Romijn is revealing all of her secrets exclusively to “Extra,” including her new role as the mysterious women behind the mask who finally reveals herself on “Ugly Betty.” “I came in going, ‘I really, really, really, really want to be Betty's friend,” Rebecca dished. “’I want to help Betty!’ And they were like, ‘Well, okay, we have another idea for you.’”

05-2006: Playboy


Playboy: A prominent movie critic called your role as Mystique, the shapeshifting blue mutant in the X Men movies, "the best piece of supermodel casting of all time." Can you top that in the upcoming X Men: The Last Stand? Rebecca Romijn: All I can say is I get even more physical this time. In one scene Mystique is handcuffed in a prison cell, and the only way for her to get out is to strangle a security guard, steal the keys and unlock the handcuffs all with her toes. If nothing else, my feet will get great reviews.

SciFi Online Interview


Rebecca Romijn was born on 06 November 1972, in Berkeley, California. She attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where she majored in Music. While studying she began modelling and moved to Paris, where she lived and worked for almost three years. Romijn's most famous movie role to date is as the shape-shifting Mystique in the X-Men franchise. She reprises her role in the final chapter of the trilogy - X Men: The Last Stand. In this movie we discover there is a cure for mutancy. Will these unique beings become frail humans?

Associated Press Interview


Associated Press: Did you ever envy one another's superpowers?

Berry: I envied that I never really got to do my powers until the third movie. Fly and do electricity and spin and make a tornado like I got to do now. I envied that I never got to do what I do.

Paquin: I still never get to do anything. Three movies, absolutely no action. It's kind of amazing.

Romijn: Somebody's always got it worse than you.


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