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Question: You play a sultry jewel thief in Femme Fatale. Should we keep our hands on our, er, valuables during this interview?
Rebecca: I'd be a terrible jewel thief in real life. The only thing I can compare it to - because I have no actual experience in the world of jewel theft - is shoplifting or making crank calls. And I'm no good at either of those. I can't keep a straight face; I just laugh.

MTV Interview


Walking runways, posing for the cover of Maxim, wearing little more than blue body paint (again) for "X-Men 2" and marrying "Full House" star John Stamos? Piece o' cake for Rebecca Romijn. But making out with another girl, doing a striptease for a biker and prancing around in lingerie in an erotic thriller? "Terrifying."

Village Voice Interview


Fizzy model-slash-actress Rebecca Romijn has a hot lezzie scene in the upcoming movie Femme Fatale, and the girl truly did her research; in the April issue of Elle, she revealed that she's not a stranger to sapphic encounters in life, either. Well, I hear the potpourri hit the fan after that revelation. Spies say that since then, Rebecca's reps have been trying to keep the gay press from talking to her - which would be bizarre, since Rebecca seems très queer-friendly and her husband bumps and grinds it in Cabaret!

Canoe Interview


Stunning model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn and bearded hunk Antonio Banderas were ready to play sex games yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival. The co-stars of Brian De Palma's gala closing night thriller Femme Fatale turned the aftermath of their press conference into an X-rated romp for a minute -- just to play to a frenzy of excited shutterbugs, including pushy paparazzi scum as well as legitimate news photogs such as Alex Urosevic from The Sun.

Elle Interview


Elle: You even have a lesbion love scene in Femme Fatale, don't you?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah - it's a pretty graphic scene. It was supposed to be me and a model, and Rie, the new Gucci
girl, is a really good friend of mine, so I asked Brian [De Palma, RRF] if he'd audition her, and she got the part. I mean, I saw her at nightclubs [researching the role], and the way she hit on girls, well, John and I watch with our jaws on the floor, 'cause if she was a man, she'd be in jail! Anyway, it was great having a friend to do it with me instead of some stranger.

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As though Rebecca Romijn didn't already have the lesbians going mad for her after X-Men--where her costume as Mystique was blue paint and little else--now she's starring in Brian De Palma's new erotic thriller, Femme Fatale, where her passionate, scenes with fellow supermodel Rie Rasmussen have set heart rates increasing around the globe. The Buzz recently caught up with the ravishing Romijn via E-mail, and she coyly teased us with tasty tidbits about her racy new role.

Vogue Interview


Rebecca Romijn has been defending her reputation as a tough chick. The Victoria's Secret beauty, who gave up modelling to try her hand at the acting game early in 2000, has taken time to set the record straight about a recent story about her that appeared in the National Enquirer. "There was a story that I snotted on Al Pacino when I was doing a make-out scene in a movie called Simone, "she tells a US magazine. "They said a drop fell out of my nose and onto his face - which it did - but they said I ran away crying, which isn't true. I was embarrassed, but I sure wasn't crying.


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