MSN Chat 04-16-2004


DishDiva: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are pleased to welcome Rebecca Romijn to MSN Live.
Rebecca Romijn: Hey everybody, it's great to be here, I'm very excited to talk about these movies.
Dish_Diva: Lets get into these questions from your fans.
mbhag in Onstage_1: I heard somewhere that you want to do broadway do you have any broadway plans for the future?

X-Men 2 Chat


Fort Worth, TX: In your opinion, when I go to see this movie, what will I come away with as the most memorable scene?
Rebecca Romijn: Oooh! That depends on the individual, because there are a lot of great moments in the movie. It also depends on whether you're male or female. Magneto's escape from prison is really fantastic....there's also a tent scene with Wolverine that's pretty great.
Berkeley, CA: Did you do all your own stunts and fighting scenes?

E! Online Chat


Skibird2: Do you have any plans to go into the studio to record music, and if so, what type?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm really into musical theater--I'm not sure I could cut it as a rock star. But I'd say I like different kinds of music.

Knight4jeri: Would you wear the paint again as Mystique if they asked you back? How bad was it to have them paint your soles? Did it tickle a lot?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm definitely coming back as Mystique in X-Men 2, and we start in May (2002, RRF). By the way, it wasn't my soles that tickled the most.

Yorin FM Chat 09-04-2002 Part 2


Rebecca: the most beautiful movie...
Rebecca: my top 3
Rebecca: sound of music, the royal tennenbaums and
rowdy: hello rebecca do you make more movies or not?
Rebecca: the graduate
RRF-webmaster: What's your favourite muppet character?
Eminem: animal of course!
Stevedoc: because he is a drummer too?
STADSRADIO: have you seen gladiator, that is my favourite!!
Rebecca: yes i love gladiator it is fantastic
Rebecca: and of course Amelie

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