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In 'Godsend', opening in theaters April 30, Rebecca Romijn and Greg Kinnear play loving parents who lose their eight-year-old son Adam (Cameron Bright) in a freak accident. Distraught and willing to do anything to bring their child back, they are approached by Dr. Richard Wells (De Niro), an expert in stem cell research, to clone their child. The couple enters a Faustian pact with Wells and, through an experimental -- and illegal -- process, Adam is reborn.

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Question: Do you think this is somewhat what you’ll be like as a Mom one day?
Rebecca: What, a dog owner?

Question: No, in "Godsend"
Rebecca: I doubt that I’ll ever be the mother of a cloned child. I don’t have a child but I can’t imagine how painful it would be to lose one if I did. I completely sympathize with the character. Two days after she’s lost her son a man comes up to her on the street and says that he can bring her child back to her. Of course, of course she would go for it. Made sense to me.

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Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn are in talks to star in a new horror-thriller. The trio are set to appear in Godsend, which will be directed by Nick Hamm whose previous films include The Hole and Martha Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence. Godsend is about a couple (Kinnear and Romijn) whose son is accidentally shot. They enlist the help of a scientist (DeNiro) to try to bring their child back to life. Filming is expected to begin in November [2002, RRF] reports http://www.hollywoodreporter.com


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