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It's a gamble to launch a new series on a network that's about to go out of business. Nevertheless, Rebecca Romijn is proceeding at full steam. Before returning to theater screens next month (May 2006, RRF) as the literally blue Mystique in "X-Men: The Last Stand," the model-turned-actress stars as a Chicago television reporter in "Pepper Dennis." The comedy-drama premieres Tuesday, April 4, on The WB, which will merge later this year with UPN to create the CW Network.

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She's an actress who loves reality TV — a Hollywood no-no — she's happy to spill herself gracelessly to the ground and she's not afraid to eat meatloaf in public. As a supermodel, as the "X-Men's" Mystique and now as television's "Pepper Dennis," Rebecca Romijn is used to turning heads, but she's no image-is-everything starlet archetype. Just listen to her talk about meeting one of her fans.

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Actors can be fans, too, and they're not above lifting a memento—a prop, a costume—from the set once filming is over. When she finished her third "X-Men" movie, Rebecca Romijn walked off with an unusual keepsake: a bottle of blue paint. Technically, it's called Mystique blue, because it's the color of her scaly character, Mystique. Even stranger, Romijn still uses the stuff. You can see it in her new WB comedy, "Pepper Dennis," in which she plays a hard-charging, ridiculously glam TV reporter.

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In the pilot, the beautiful lead has a one-night stand with a charming guy only to be shocked the next morning when she learns he has authority over her at work. It happened on "Grey's Anatomy" last year, and now it's happening again on WB Network's "Pepper Dennis." Maybe this sort of thing is more common than anyone suspects.

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Actress Rebecca Romijn may pay a tribute to her character Mystique from the "X-Men" movies in her new TV show "Pepper Dennis" by having her character sprayed by an exploding blue dye pack.

Romijn played a character covered by blue body paint in the "X-Men" movies and has just finished filming "X-Men: The Last Stand", reported.

In the show, Romijn plays a TV reporter in Chicago and will debut on the WB television network in the US. In the episode, the accident-prone journalist gets sprayed with blue dye while she is covering a story.

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At the fancy Ritz Carlton hotel in Pasadena, California, WB stars gathered to give the press the latest news on their current TV shows and upcoming brand new series. In a richly decorated but rather dark, atmospheric room guests chowed down, mingled and chatted. Ah, blonde hair, tall and a great party dress with an interesting diamond cut-out in the back? Must be Rebecca Romijn ... you know, Jerry O’Connell’s girlfriend and that sexy blue Mystique lady in X-Men? She’s got a new comedy show on the WB Called “Pepper Dennis” in which she plays a TV reporter.

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11-16-1999: Just Shoot Me (Episode #4.5, NBC)

Finch realizes that he and Adrienne are very different from one another and begins to doubt their marriage. Meanwhile, Jack asks Maya to do the annual employee evaluations.

11-09-1999: Just Shoot Me (Episode #4.4, NBC)

Adrienne's hand-model friend tries to make Finch look like a jealous husband. Nina does community service.


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