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Rebecca Romijn is used to the blue jokes. “Yeah, I have to talk about blue makeup a tremendous amount,” she says of her role as the shape-shifting, blue-hued mutant, Mystique, in the “X-Men” films. “But I know how much people love those movies and I’m really happy to be part of them, so for the most part, I’m happy to talk about it,” she adds. “The Last Stand,” the third installment of the widely followed “X-Men” franchise, arrives Memorial Day weekend.

Pepper Dennis Fashion Icon


Rebecca Romijn's sassy and stylish TV character, "Pepper Dennis," is TV's sexiest fashion icon since Carrie Bradshaw left the airwaves. "Extra" was the first to give the star an award for her impeccable style.

Rebecca was slightly surprised when we handed her the distinguished Us Weekly magazine title of TV's Most Stylish Star. "Wow, I didn't even know what the category was. That's so cool," she said. "Thank you for this award."

Rebecca credits the "Pepper Dennis" wardrobe stylist with her alter ego's trendy threads.


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