Rebecca and Jerry living together


X-Men 3 and Wedding

NewsAnnual Critics' Choice Awards Presenter Rebecca Romijn hinted that her X-Men 3 villain, Mystique, will be showing her soft side when the sequel arrives this summer. "Mystique suffers a heartbreak," she said. But in real life, her wedding to Jerry O'Connell will happen "sometime this year." But no babies anytime soon. "According to the tabloids, I've been pregnant for about 14 months now. Ridiculous."

USA Today Article

Bebe Modelling


Bebe stores, inc. today announced that super model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn has been tapped to succeed Mischa Barton as the face of bebe launching for Summer 2007. "Rebecca Romijn is a strikingly beautiful, multi-talented star, who exudes a sexy and playful elegance that is the essence of the bebe woman," said Manny Mashouf, Founder and Chairman.

Rebecca and Jerry's Family Visit


Rebecca Romijn is taking fiance Jerry O'Connell to Holland this week for "a huge family reunion. I haven't been back in a couple of years," reports the gorgeous blond actress currently riding high at the box office with "X-Men: The Last Stand."

The Romijn gathering has been in the works for months. Afterward, the couple is planning a Euro vacation. "I'm taking a break. I've been kind of busy," notes Rebecca.

News Australia Interview


Model turned actor Rebecca Romijn can't complain about rumours her schoolyard nickname was "Jolly Blonde Giant". She coined it herself just recently to relieve the monotony of a tedious round of media interviews. The drop-dead gorgeous 33-year-old with a Dutch-born father, who swapped Gilbert and Sullivan operettas for the catwalk, says the nickname is a fabrication. "When I was doing the promotional work for the X-Men I was getting so fed up with answering the same questions over and over again that I decided to make that fact up for a laugh," she says.

Rebecca and Jerry engaged


Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos couldn't make a full house. Now she's trying again with a new beau. The model-actress and her boyfriend of a year and a half, actor Jerry O'Connell, are engaged, Romijn's publicist, Lewis Kay, confirmed to E! News. "We couldn't be happier and are looking forward to the next chapter of our lives," the obligatorily giddy couple announced in a joint statement Tuesday. No wedding date has been set.

Rebecca's Family


Jaap Romijn: Rebecca's father is of Dutch origin and is a toy-maker turned furniture-designer. He came to California from Barneveld, the chicken capital of Holland. Jaap Romijn has build custom furniture at his own company "Jaap Romijn & Friends" in Emeryville, California. Today he is living in Port Townsend.

Jaap Romijn living in Port Townsend

Furniture designed by Rebecca's father Jaap Romijn

Rebecca and Jerry Dating


In July 2004 there have been a few sightings of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry spending time together:

This sighting was posted by Susan Kaye on E! Online:

I spotted Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell at LAX on Saturday, July 17th, 2004 as they walked to a Southwest Airline.

Original article: E! Online

Luv JOC posted in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum that her sister spotted the two in Las Vegas over the weekend:

After The Divorce


Does this sound like a couple who are going their separate ways? John Stamos told "Access Hollywood" he and model-actress Rebecca Romijn still "adore" each other. He says they're "really good friends" and he thinks they "just needed some time apart." "It's so weird because ... you are so crazy in love and all of a sudden weird things happen," Stamos said. Stamos, 40, wasn't saying what those "weird things" are. He is saying the break up isn't easy for either of them. Compounding that is all the publicity, which "is just terrible" and is making it "really hard" for them, he said.

Rebecca and John Divorce


Premiere Magazine 4/2004 Interview (Two weeks later John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn seperated)

Romijn is polishing off her fish soup, talking about Femme Fatale's mixed reception, using a remote to snap on the overhead TV, where one of John Stamos’s commercials for a certain long-distance calling plan is airing. "I'm told," she says, "it's got quite a following among gay folks in New York."


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